CDE Scorer

CDE Scorer is a Windows application designed to score complex competitive events in various career fields. Students fill in specially designed answer forms that are interpreted by a Scantron Optical Mark Read scanner into a data file readable by CDE Scorer. CDE Scorer then reads the student answers and generates the scores for each student and team in a particular event. Each event can be customized to handle a variety of different question types (Hormel questions, keep/cull questions, raw scores, identification questions, questions with multiple correct answers and point values, questions with ranges of correct values, defect questions, and even simple multiple choice questions) depending on the forms and event setup parameters.

Once the student answers are read into CDE Scorer and scores are calculated, the user can set parameters for awards and print or export detail, summary, and statistical analysis reports for each event. CDE Scorer can also retain information for multiple events and print or export summary reports for all events scored in each year.

CDE Scorer, in conjunction with a Scantron scanner and scanning software, is a robust, accurate, and complete scoring system for virtually all types of competitive student events put on by the FFA, 4H and other agricultural organizations. CDE Scorer comes with a full user guide and several other support documents to help get you started. This software and support documentation is available from our downloads page. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Scanning software must be purchased from Scantron separately, but we can help you select the right software package for you from Scantron.

Scan Forms

PTM Software sells over a dozen scan forms that are fully compatible with CDE Scorer. These forms cover the full range of CDEs scored at the national FFA convention and a vast majority of the CDEs offered at state contests for FFA, 4H and other organizations. In addition, if we don't already have a form that will work at your contest, we can work with you to develop a new form to do so. Please go to our downloads page to download PDFs of the forms available. We are also a Scantron reseller, so we can help you purchase the scanner and software that will best fit your needs.

SAE Server

This is our on-line companion to CDE Scorer. Pre-register students on the web, track who has paid, post results from CDE Scorer with just a button click, and even set up on-line exams as part of your contests or as practice for your students. Fees are usage based- dependent on the services you use and the number of contestants you have. Please contact us for more details.