CDE Scorer Latest Version- V6.1.4 R04

Full Download (approx 20 megabytes- 4/25/16)

Zipped Support Files

Download All Forms Available from PTM Software as PDFs (4/25/16)
Download All Scantron Scanner Applications (4/25/16)
Download All CDE Scorer Form Definitions (4/25/16)
Download All CDE Scorer Report Definitions (4/25/16)
Download Scantools [requires user license from ScanTron] (5/20/15)
Download Quick File (only after discussing with tech support)

NOTICE!! If you are using Windows 7, you MUST have Scantools Plus version 8 for your scanner

Individual Form PDFs (right click and select "save link as...")

Dairy Cattle Form 267180-1 (PA)
Dairy Cattle Form 284868-1 (Scorer)
Dairy Products Form 284867-1 (Scorer)
Forestry Form 283631-1 (Scorer)
Forestry Custom Form CUS002 (Scorer)
Livestock Custom Form CUS001 (Scorer)
Meats Form 284705-1 (Scorer)
Meats Form CUS005 (Scorer)
Milk Quality And Products Form CUS007 (Scorer)
Multipurpose A Form 260016-1 Discontinued (replaced by CUS001)
Multipurpose B Form 265417-1 (Scorer)
Multipurpose C Form 271211-1 (Scorer)
Poultry Form 284706-1 (Scorer)
Poultry Form 271060-1 (VA) (limited supply)
Poultry Form CUS006 (Scorer)
Soils Form 234531- front side (OH)
Soils Form 234531- back side (OH)
Soils Custom Form CUS003 (WI)

Multiple Choice Form 296160 (BHC)
Identification Form 296161 (BHC)
Manual Raw Score Form 296162 (BHC)
Placing Class, Keep or Cull, & Reasons Form 296163 (BHC)
Registration Form 296164 (BHC)
Multipurpose D Form 297929 (Scorer)