CDE Scorer Latest Version- V6.1.4 R04

Full Download (approx 20 megabytes- 10/07/18)

Zipped Support Files

Download All Forms Available from PTM Software as PDFs (4/06/18)
Download All Scantron Scanner Applications (10/07/18)
Download All CDE Scorer Form Definitions (10/07/18)
Download All CDE Scorer Report Definitions (10/07/18)
Download Scantools [requires user license from ScanTron] (5/20/15)
Download Quick File (only after discussing with tech support)

NOTICE!! If you are using Windows 7, you MUST have Scantools Plus version 8 for your scanner

Individual Form PDFs (right click and select "save link as...")

Dairy Cattle Form 284868-1 (Scorer)
Dairy Products Form 284867-1 (Scorer)
Forestry Form 283631-1 (Scorer)
Forestry Form CUS002 Discontinued (Out of Stock- No Reprints Available)
Forestry Form Coming Summer 2018 (to replace CUS002)
Livestock Form CUS001 (Scorer)
Meats Form 284705-1 (Scorer)
Meats Form CUS005 (Scorer)
Meats Form In Development (to replace CUS005)
Milk Quality And Products Form CUS007 (Scorer)
Milk Quality And Products CUS009 (Scorer)
Multipurpose A Form 260016-1 Discontinued (replaced by Livestock CUS001)
Multipurpose B Form 265417-1 (Scorer)
Multipurpose C Form 271211-1 (Scorer)
Multipurpose D Form 297929 (Scorer)
Poultry Form 284706-1 (Scorer)
Poultry Form CUS006 (Scorer)
Poultry Form Coming Summer 2018 (to replace CUS006)
Multiple Choice Form 296160 (BHC)
Identification Form 296161 (BHC)
Manual Raw Score Form 296162 (BHC)
Placing Class, Keep or Cull, & Reasons Form 296163 (BHC)
Registration Form 296164 (BHC)
Land Judging Form CUS008 (KY)
Soils Form 234531- front side (OH)
Soils Form 234531- back side (OH)
Dairy Cattle Form 267180-1 (PA)
Poultry Form 271060-1 (VA) (limited supply)
Soils Custom Form CUS003 (WI)