PTM Software began designing custom databases in 1994. In 1999, we expanded from a sole-proprietorship to a limited liability company. Since then, we have developed dozens of custom database solutions for various clients from project conception to completion. In addition, we have taken on the maintenance and modification of many existing systems from other developers. We focus on the needs of each client in order to develop or modify an application to help their business run more smoothly and efficiently.

PTM Software specializes in working with 4th Dimension databases. Our expertise includes 4D standalone, client/server, and web development on both Macintosh and Windows platforms. We are also very familiar with many popular plugins for 4th Dimension including Internet Tool Kit, Arealist Pro, Printlist Pro, the 4D Connectivity and Productivity plugins, and more.

Our projects have ranged in scope from a few hours modifying existing code, to year-long development of new custom applications. We have clients locally and across the United States from one person shops to multi-national corporations.

For new development projects, we speak with our clients early and often. We like to get as much feedback as possible as early as possible to help make the final product match the client's true needs. Our development time is decreased by using our custom built shell as a basis for starting new projects. This reduces our testing and programming time by giving us modular and reusable code. Unused modules of the shell are removed from each custom application to make each database more efficient. We also use this to speed our development time on existing projects by dropping in pre-tested code from the shell wherever feasible. This shell is revised and improved as time goes on to take advantage of new language features and introduce new functionality.

In addition to custom software development for other clients, we offer CDE Scorer to meet complex scoring needs. This Windows application has been commercially available since 1997 and continues to be under active development. We have recently developed the SAE Server web site as a companion to CDE Scorer.